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What’s up with A Family Darkly?

January 23rd, 2008


As my long-term readers are probably already aware, Carroll & Graf, an imprint of Avalon, was scheduled to release my memoir, A Family Darkly: Love, Loss, and the Final Passions of Philip K. Dick in May, 2006. Due to lawsuit threats from the Dick estate that never actually materialized, it has never been released. Avalon has since been acquired by Perseus, which eliminated the Carroll & Graf imprint.

There has been some misinformation about what happened to the book circulating on the Internet for the last couple of years, so allow me to clear a few of them up. Despite the estate’s online claims to the contrary, it has never produced a list of text-specific changes that they would like to see made in the book. (In 2005, prior to the lawsuit threats being made, I made the few extremely minor changes that they did request; the threats to my publisher came after the estate’s handlers knew I had made the requested revisions, but without their having asked me for any further alterations to the text.) The estate has not pursued legal action, nor, indeed, furnished any evidence to either me or my publisher that any aspect of the book was untrue. In fact, I had prior written permission from the estate to write what I liked in the book. However, while a $2 million threat was hanging over the book, the publisher felt it was not prudent go ahead with it.

To date, that is where the project stands: in limbo. (I have given a slightly fuller account of what happened subsequently in a February, 2008 interview on a prominent French Philip K. Dick fansite.) At this juncture, it is my understanding that the rights are once again available. Please contact my agency for further details.

The fact that Amazon still lists the book as having come out in 2006 has confused many people; apparently, the publisher has never corrected this information, despite my having requested it repeatedly. The author, surprisingly, is unable to alter the publisher’s input on this subject.

Unfortunately, this misinformation has evidently led some readers to make fruitless attempts to track down remaining copies from a first print run that never actually existed. To prevent further frustration, allow me to say: my memoir was not released, so there are not now, nor have there ever been copies available for sale.

I am pursuing other publication possibilities, however, and shall post updates on those efforts here. Thank you for your interest — I assure you, the truth will someday be told to a wider audience.

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