Hello after a long hiatus, campers! I trust that you have been keeping up the good work while I have been recovering from my car crash?

No time for a long-winded missive today, I’m afraid, but time enough to spread a bit of most excellent news: after many years of not-very-efficacious technical wrangling, we here at Author! Author! have at long last cracked the recalcitrant nut of restoring years and years of your comments. They shall be magically appearing on an archived post near you as the summer progresses.

How was this minor miracle wrought, you ask? Why, with a bang of the Publication Fairy’s wand, of course.

I am immensely relieved. Your comments and questions over the years not only enriched the Author! Author! community —- they provided the inspiration for some of my best posts. And series!

So please keep those questions coming, folks. As I have pointed out many times before and no doubt shall often again, no one is born knowing how books move from initial concept to bound book. Chances are, if you have wondered about something, others have, too.

As always, keep up the good work!

Sorry if the spam is putting anyone off — here’s how to get around it

My apologies to those of you kind enough to stop by recently — of late, this site has been plagued by a highly persistent hacker. As you may have noticed, the top post or two have been occasionally popping up in languages other than English. At first, simply deleting the posts seemed to do the trick; now, more draconian fixes seem to be required.

In the meantime, the hack does not seem to have affected the archived posts at all. If you click upon one of the months prior to October, 2017 on the list at right, you should be able to scroll to your heart’s content. The same holds true if you click on the headings on the category list.

I shall keep working on the other, of course. Keep up the good work!

Hey, what happened to my comments — or to the last couple of months of posts, for that matter?

Oregon coast

My apologies on both counts, especially to those of you who posted comments on posts originally dated between March 22 and today. For reasons that defy human understanding, my site’s migration from one server to another has been more complicated and possibly more attenuated than traversing the Oregon Trail. Occasionally, things tumble out of the back of one’s covered wagon.

But my, the photos are pretty now, are they not?

I can — and shall — be digging March and April’s posts out of my backups and allowing them once again to be visible to here. Please do be patient about their reappearance in their respective archive list categories, as all of the coding has been lost. Also, I’m afraid that whatever demon toted off the original posts also purloined all of their attached comments. As nearly as I can tell, there’s no earthly way to resurrect them.

I’m quite distressed over that last part — there were some excellent questions those comments, along with what I would like to think were some pretty darned good answers. If you asked a question and had not yet seen the answer, or had simply presumed, as is logical for a blog, that the answer would be available to you as long as the blog took up web space, again, I’m sorry. If you would like to repost your questions, I’ll try to answer them again as quickly as I can.

On the bright side, I believe that’s the Pacific Ocean I see in the distance. Our long, hard journey is almost over. Keep up the good work!