Personal Consultations?

Part of my purpose in setting up this website is to provide as much information about the writing life and publication process as possible to aspiring writers, as well as providing a forum for creating community amongst writers at all levels. To that end, I am always happy to answer questions posted by readers, provided that the questions are general enough to be of interest to all.

I do ask, out of consideration for other readers, that questions would either be submitted as a comment on my most recent post or on a post about a topic related to your subject of inquiry.  That way, it will be possible for other writers sharing your concern to find the response.  (You wouldn’t believe how often any informational blogger will discover questions posted today on a seemingly randomly-selected post from five years ago.)

It’s always worth checking the archive list and the search feature (located at the upper right-hand corner of the blog’s main page) to see whether I have written a post on your area of concern in the past.  Chances are very good that I have; as any publishing professional giving online advice can tell you, it’s not at all uncommon to see a question pop up in the comments section that had been answered at length only a few posts earlier on a blog.

Please be aware that due to heavy demand, I cannot answer requests for manuscript-specific advice or personal writing career guidance that are sent to me either through this forum or via e-mail. If I answered all of the questions I receive individually, answering my e-mail alone would be a full-time job!

Thank you for your interest, and welcome to the Author! Author! community!