Very Practical Advice, Part IX: A day that should have been great

To readers who have come to this page looking for my former write-up on agent Jeff Kleinman: a year and 17 days after I originally posted a rather flattering overview of his work here, Mr. Kleinman contacted me to ask that I remove it. Naturally, I immediately honored his request, and I shall stop recommending him.

He said that something in it was inaccurate, but he did not specify what. Since 100% of the information contained in it came either from credible sources already available on the internet or in the standard agency guides, Mr. Kleinman’s own conference handouts, and things he had said publicly at conferences, I can only recommend that you contact him directly to verify ANYTHING you may have learned about him, here or elsewhere.

I am sorry if either the initial post or the removal of it causes anyone chagrin. What remains is what it left of the post after all references to him were removed.

Hello, readers —

A moment of silence, everyone: this is the day that my memoir is being released, according to Amazon. Hypothetically.

I can neither confirm nor deny this rumor, believe it or not: of all of the many, many aspects of the publication process over which the author has little or no control, the release date is perhaps the most shrouded in mystery. I have no idea why it should be kept a secret from me, when the marketing department is willing to speculate about it to such fly-by-night outfits as Amazon and Barnes & Noble; perhaps it has something to do with national security. My loose lips have never sunk any ships, to the best of my knowledge, but I guess you can never be sure.

By the way, are you given to toddling off to Amazon or Powell’s when you’re in the market for a book? Did you know that if you link through the PNWA website, the PNWA gets 10% of the sale? So you can donate indirectly to this fine organization by doing something you were planning to do anyway. How great is that?


…Which, I suppose, is understandable, and a good reminder to all of us that this is a business where manners really do count. So make sure to tell your mother on Sunday: she was right; you really should be polite to everybody.

I’ll let you know whether I have a book out as soon as I know for sure myself. In the meantime, keep up the good work!

– Anne Mini

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