Is anyone looking for a writing internship?

Hey, college students and anyone else who would like to get college credit while learning a heck of a lot about how the publishing industry works: FAAB (Friend of Author! Author! Blog) Phoebe Kitanidis is seeking an intern to help her with research for her forthcoming book. As anyone who has ever tried to get an internship with a writer can tell you, they are EXCEEDINGLY rare, but an unparalleled way to learn a whole lot about the industry VERY fast.

Seriously, if you are even thinking about writing YA, you should consider applying for this. Here are the specifics:
“Hi! I’m writing a book on middle school girls’
friendships, and I’m looking for an intern to help me
interview girls on issues like peer pressure,
friendship, and popularity.

This is a great project
for someone who’s passionate about writing and
publishing in the children’s or YA market. The
publisher’s happy to fill out paperwork for college
credit, and I’m willing to help you craft your pitch
or query letter for agents, and to answer any
questions I can about the publishing industry. Not to
mention, the project is a lot of fun!”

Anne here again. The job would be 5-10 hours per week, starting October 5th, and will be based in the Seattle metropolitan area. That’s not a big time investment for all you could learn from this opportunity.

If you are interested, tell me so via the comments function, below, and I’ll pass your info along to Phoebe. (Don’t worry; I won’t post the replies, so your e-mail address will not be spread all over the net).

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