Gloat, gloat, GLOAT!

I posted a great big ol’ missive earlier in the day, but I couldn’t resist logging on with some good — no, make that GREAT — news that just came winging through my telephone:

Congratulations, long-time reader Amy Fisher, for winning the Memoir/Nonfiction Book category of the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association’s literary contest!

Everyone, please join me in a big round of applause for Amy — and for all of those good writers who keep plugging away until their work is recognized. It CAN be done, and hooray for everyone with the courage to put her work on the line to be judged.

I was not at tonight’s ceremony (for reasons that render a member of the Author! Author! community’s winning an award that I won a few weeks before I started this blog all the sweeter for me personally, I must admit), so I do not know how our other 6 nominees fared. Please, folks, let me know, so we can all jump up and down for you, too.

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  1. Congratulations Amy. It was fun to see the faces up on the screen of the finalists for each category. Can’t remember if you were good and sent yours in, but it was a good moment to hear your name called.

  2. Any idea who the other winners were? It’s not on the website and I was a finalist in another category.

    Congratulations, Amy!


    1. I don’t, Anita, but as their website seems to be down at the moment, and I know that they’ve just recruited a fabulous new webmaster, I’m guessing it will be posted as soon as the website is back up.

      I shall try to scare up a list in the interim, though. And I actually don’t know whether they would have contacted winners and placers who weren’t physically there.

  3. Congratulations, Amy!!
    When I first heard the news, I guess I wasn’t surprised. Your book has a sense of inevitability about it. It’s something needing to be out in the larger world. I’m so proud of you. It was always a joy having you in my classes and workshops, and working with you individually, on such a fine manuscript, was a pleasure. I keep telling everyone I run into about this! Enjoy this so well-deserved honor!
    And keep working on the next book,
    blessings, Anya Achtenberg

  4. Thank you everyone for your warm congratulations. I had so many wonderful teachers and mentors behind me (Anne and Anya at the forefront) that I wished I could thank them publicly. I must say that one of the nicest surprises about the PNWA conference was how genuinely supportive the attendees were. I felt like I was among friends, even though I knew no one before arriving.

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